Who we are

Fragário do Norte was created from the fondness and passion that I feel for this wonderful hobby ....

With that taste, the opportunity arised as we say in Portugal to "join the useful to the pleasant" and the store was born where we can provide to you all a space to find anything you need for your saltwater aquarium.

The history

Fragário do Norte exists since 2005.
Back then, coral propagation was just a challenge limited to a small 80 litre (20g) aquarium and some coral frag that we were finding with some degree of dificulty.
Since then, we followed with some aquarium builds, bigger and bigger, and much better equiped from a technical point of view.

Today we frag dozens of coral species and our stock has always a few hundred of them.

Our facilities comprise around 10.000 litres (2.500g) of saltwater where we frag hundreds of diferent species, with a stock of roughly 1000 corals spread amongst SPS, LPS and softies. We import fishes, corals and invertebrates from all over the world.

At our store you can find, readly available, more then 3.000 products and consumables that you need to build and maintain your saltwater aquarium. 
We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals dedicated to the fast shipment of product in less than 24 hours.

We strive to have always brands that are well recognized in this hobby, trust worthy and tested by us so that we can provide to our customers high quality and reliable products for the build, maintnance and development of an healthy aquarium.

Our Team!

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