Mantis RO-DI V-2

Ref. MARO0002

Mantis RO-DI V-2

€ 241.00

The Mantis 4 Stage RODI system makes up to 100 GPD (378L) of filtered Reverse Osmosis water, removing harmful substances like heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids (TDS) from tap water which are harmful to reef aquarium inhabitants

Mantis 4 Stage 100GPD RODI Unit Features:
- A Manual flush valve allowing the user to increase membrane life
- A Clear micron cartridge housing which makes it easy to view the cartridge, making it easier to know when the cartridge needs to be replaced.
- Unit comes with wrenches to make it easy to access the cartridge and membrane housings
- The unit also comes with a standard garden hose adapter, making it easy to connect to a standard house faucet
- 1/4 inch Buddy-Fit Press Fit Connectors simplify plumbing as standard.
- 0-160 PSI gauge provides a pressure reading of the supply water, allowing for the efficient operating for the unit.
- Also comes with 10 ft 1/4 inch RODI tubing, with colour coded source, waste and clean water outlets/inlets.
- Built-in wall mount bracket, allowing for the unit to be hung and secured in place.
Operating Information:
Your water pressure should be 40-65PSI to achieve optimum operation. If you have under 40 PSI you will require a booster pump to increase your water pressure. The maximum water pressure is 80PSI.

To achieve the best production, aim to have a water temperature of 25 degrees celsius. Although the unit will still work with cooler water temperatures. The maximum water temperature the unit can handle is 40 degrees celsius.

Note: It's critical that the filters are changed as per the manufacturers guidelines found in the user manual.


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