Aquahome test Ca+Mg

Ref. Aquahome test Ca+Mg
Fauna Marin

Aquahome test Ca+Mg

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AquaHome Test Ca + Mg: Calcium + Magnesium: Combi-test for saltwater aquariums.

With the high resolution Fauna Marin Calcium / Magnesium Combitest test, the concentration of both elements can be determined reliably and separately with an accuracy of 4 mg / l of Ca or 20 mg / l of Mg.


Measuring range: approximately 300 - 498 mg / l
Measuring range: Mg 820 - 1800 mg / l
Resolution (accuracy): Ca 4 mg / l
Resolution (Accuracy): Mg 20 mg / l
Determine the concentration of calcium and magnesium in marine aquariums, for approximately 50 applications.


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